Thursday, September 2, 2010

Carpenter list

I don't usually pay attention to "mercury retrograde," but last year I placed an order for CYW component parts that should have arrived within 3 weeks and instead took more than 5 months, including having to return the shipment 2 times (3?) because the quality was unacceptable and the last piece being held up because it was coming by ship from China! Mercury was retrograde. Mercury is retro right now, so I'm not going to kick off this project until the dust settles after it goes direct on 12th... I'll list carpenter/builder ideas but wait to go into action on them until after 14th! I can also do research on low-toxic construction materials so I'm ready to order in October.

my intention: I find an experienced carpenter who is ready, able & willing to work with me on the TW project for free (or for a small amount of money plus some exchange - RR sessions, for instance), teaching me the skills I need and helping me get the TW built, starting end September 2010 and bringing the project to completion in a timely manner (3 months or so).

Location: anywhere in AZ - need room at a low rental if we work anywhere but my Peoria place (main house not rented, so the double garage & driveway may remain empty for a while...!)

- Gretchen re carpenter friends in Sedona
- David S re any carpenters we know in Phx
- Lee & Lynn re ideas
- Precision Doug, Michael & wife re their contacts
- Peoria churches: special project, 60+ etc - Jehovah's Witnesses do a lot of community assistance work, for instance
- Peoria high school shop teacher
- Perma website
- Veg website
- Craigslist
- Dionisio & son

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