Thursday, November 18, 2010

A proposal

It's November 18th - I spent September and the first part of October on my anthology project, then took a week or two of holiday (one week near Safford) and now it's suddenly the cool fall time of year and ideal for building!

I woke up this morning with an idea for G, P's son, to write a proposal to the university for getting course equivalency for designing and building a house ~ mine! I spent several hours writing a draft proposal in case he's interested and sent it off to P. Fascinating if that is how the TW gets built!

Meanwhile, I just reread the 2 September posts and notice the ref to an article I read back in Aug or so that struck a helpful cord. Weirdly enough, I was lent the same magazine last Sunday, picked it up today, glanced at the article it fell open to (the very same one I read before!). Id forgotten its significance for me back in Aug/Sept, so just put the mag aside to return as "already read." How interesting these little things are ~ slight ripples of the right frequency nudging us on.

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